My superpower is getting brothers to kiss their sister on the cheek.

While you may have a nice camera or phone, involving yourself in the scene is crucial. As a parent myself, I understand the chaos and comedy of everyday life. Yet behind the mess, our children thrive and are worth celebrating. I document real moments - the smiles, laughter, sass, tears, and glances - because that's what matters most.

At my sessions, I encourage play and laughter to capture the true connection between you and your family. So, toss aside the stress and join my club to celebrate the crazy, tricky job of parenthood.

If you feel like you are living life on some sort of comedic sh*t show where you play the role of the hot-mess main character, welcome to the band of parents that I have photographed over the years. I truly want to remind you of how amazing your family is, even in the mundane moments.

2. The smiley face finally gets integrated into the website. It was time. My dad was obsessed with smiley faces, and the stories have bled so deeply in with my kids that my oldest has a smiley tattoo. Yes, the little blonde girl above now has tattoos. Did I mention how important it is to capture these young moments?!

1. The name of my business is my two daughter's middle names. I also have a son, and he knows I love him equally!

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Life is fleeting and feels like a roller coaster. You may find it difficult to stop and enjoy the little moments amidst the hustle culture. In just an hour, I can remind you that you are absolutely rocking the job of juggling work, family, and other responsibilities. What if your photo session captured everyday moments like bedtime snuggles or a roasting marshmallows in the backyard? I want to celebrate you and your family and you guys simply enjoying one another.

I'm all about celebrating your parenting game. YOU OWE YOURSELF ONE HOUR A YEAR TO BASK IN YOUR ACHIEVEMENTS.

A little about me ...

Every artist dips his brush in his own soul, and paints his own nature into his pictures.
- Edgar Degas

I used to spend hours going through old photo albums, feeling the pages that held several photos and getting caught up in the metal binder or sticky, gummy pages. I loved seeing my parents and grandparents when they were young adults, or of my parents before my sister and I were born. This is how my love for photos began. It gave me a glimpse into another lifetime and humanized my older family members, showing me a glimpse of their youth.

The black and white photo above is of my Grandma Clarine and Grandpa Harry. While I knew my grandma as a young child, I never met my grandpa. This photo draws me in as it shows them looking classy, relaxed, and cool at a train station in Chicago where professional photographers took candid shots. Professional photographers were out and about in this era, probably in the '30s, making money in this manner.

I take photos not only for your enjoyment now but also to document your legacy for future generations. Possessions won't express who you are, but photos are an investment in your family's preservation of memories.

Some old photos ....

That's me!

Mom & Dad

I mean ... it's just the cutest thing in the whole wide world. Am I right?

+ missing teeth

I love love.
I love watching old people hold hands. I love watching a child love on and giggle with their parents. I love special glances exchanged between siblings.


This goes along with color and light, I suppose. My kids know me well enough to know that I love to shoot in any area that looks a little rough -- torn wallpaper, old wood, rusty items, etc. Just don't be weirded out when I suggest a dark alley.


I see it everywhere I go, also. When I'm talking to someone, I'm watching how the light falls on their face and possibly thinking how they would look if I turned them a bit :) One of my favorite things about sessions is finding great light.


I see it everywhere I go. I find it on every shoot. I don't plan shoots around color, but I love to find it.


in life and print

Things I adore...





if you're not happy with your photos, i'll reshoot or refund.

Promise. in fact, i'll guarantee it!


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If you have children who don't enjoy getting their photos taken, try Gina. She will capture your child's personality and spirit in the most authentic way! Because she doesn't force anything and encourages everyone to just be who they are during the session, your time with her will feel more like a family outing than a professional photography session.

Especially if you have kids and/or a busy lifestyle, Gina photographs authentically and quickly. She can get the best photos in the littlest amount of time. She works quick magic!

- Megan bOWEN

Amazing photos. She's so relexed and made us all comfortable. I've used her for family photos and loved the experience so much that I hired her to take family photos for all of my staff as a year-end bonus/gift. They said it was the best gift they've ever received and better than a gift card.



Our middle child was so difficult to "corral" for decent photos and those sessions were stressful and mostly unfruitful. However, Gina let him be himself and we got the BEST photos that really showed all of our kids personalities so well. We have never used another photographer since then.

Gina is our "go to" photographer. I have 25K photos in my library on my computer and I can honestly say that her photos are my faves out of the 25K. She has such a talent for capturing so many facial expressions on kids. She puts kids at ease and parents as well.


We love the photos .... she took our newborn photos and captured all the little details about a newborn that you might forget to capture yourself - the little dots across her nose, the wrinkly feet ... they are really wonderful.


Gina is truly remarkable. All the photos we have ever had her take have been so colorful and a wonderful reflection of our family. The clarity she captures is amazing.


Gina has done our family pictures for 16 years! We love her and her work is outstanding. She is wonderful with her camera and also has become our friend through the years - watching our children grow up! We highly recommend!

- Julie kUNKLE

We have been with Gina for 12 years. We have 4 kids and she has photographed them every year. Gina traveled with us to Disney World and photographed our kids walking through the park. She is part of our family. Her photos capture life as we see it and how we don't see it. She is amazing.


Gina has taken photos of my family for 15 years, and she always delivers fantastic shots (even when we aren't posing.) She brings my kids' personality through the photos, and is always calm and easy-going with the session. She also sends my photo link in a timely manner. The only problem is deciding which shots to buy, because they are all so good!


Gina is so low stress that I always walk away from a session thinking there is no way she got any good shots of our crazy kids and then the proofs come and she is like magic! We have worked with Gina for 16 years now and some of my most treasured possessions are our "Gina pictures."


My kids both enjoyed the process ... my son who hates pictures even said it was a good experience, and Paige was so happy with the pictures!


It's always exciting to see the proofs! Gina captures moments that most of us don't see.


Feel like we're the right fit?
(i'm getting butterflies)

Let's celebrate you!

Let the fun begin!