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Gina is so low stress that I always walk away from a session thinking there is no way she got any good shots of our crazy kids and then the proofs come and she is like magic! We have worked with Gina for 16 years now and some of my most treasured possessions are our "Gina pictures."


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Your family is freaking awesome! And you know it ... but you don't want to think about or plan one more thing. That's where I come in. Listen, I get it. The day to day is challenging, and sometimes it's hard to remember that we are parenting little humans with their own personalities, hormones, ideas and opinions. It's easy to lose sight of the carefree happiness at times. Trust me, it's there, and there is nothing I enjoy more than making it an official and eternal mark that exists for you to whip out at their graduation party or wedding day.

I offer family, child, and newborn photography sessions in the Indianapolis and surrounding areas, along with the Cincinnati area. We can document all of the important stuff, and have fun doing it! See different photo session options below.

I'm here to remind you that you're doing a stellar job.

Does parenthood drive you just a little bit batsh*t crazy sometimes? Then they smile at you or say something funny and you just crumble with adoration?

Parenthood can be chaotic and stressful, but also filled with so much love. As an Indianapolis family photographer with 19 years of experience, I've seen it all - from newborns peeing on me to kids throwing sass and melting down.

Many people stress about picture day, but I want you to see it as a playdate or time with your family, with me standing around and chatting with you. The more laid back you are, the more successful the shoot will be.

If you're worried about how your kids will act, I've had parents drop off their kids with me and come back at the end of the session. Even if you step away, I'll get you get in for at least a couple of photos. No one ever regrets it, and the kids are usually excited to make you the star of the show for a minute!

My specialty is removing the stress that you feel in front of the camera. I like shooting in chaos and enjoy a challenge, so if you think your kids are too unruly for photos, try me. I'll always make an effort to get a couple of "smiling at the camera" photos, but my clients come back for the more candid photos that show the personality of their kids and the connection that their family has. Even those teen siblings love each other!

What if your photo session involved zero stress?

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at home gallery >>

at home gallery >>


There are many ways we can integrate your home into the photoshoot. Bedrooms, in particular, can add a lot of personality. However, we don't have to stick to shooting inside. Many sessions take place solely outside, especially during the summer when we can have fun with swimming pools, water hoses, and popsicles!

If we're taking photos at your home, we can also pop over to a nearby location to include different scenery. Some ideas could be a nearby ice cream shop or park. Our sessions typically last up to 90 minutes, with most sessions wrapping up in about an hour.

At home.


on-loc gallery >>

on-loc gallery >>



Newfields, downtown Zionsville, downtown Noblesville, downtown Indy along the canal, franklin, fountain square, splashpads, dessert eateries.

just keep in mind that we will need to get permission at some locations. Also, some locations charge a fee to shoot there.
See more ideas in the sample session link below!


I love to create a relaxed and fun atmosphere when photographing families on location. To get started, I like to ask my clients if they have any special places in mind that hold a meaningful connection for their family. If not, we can decide together on the type of setting that best fits your vision, whether it's a country landscape, a colorful garden, or an urban environment. It's important to consider your kids' attention span, so we'll choose a location that's not too distracting for them. However, the location itself isn't the most critical element - I can find great light and capture beautiful moments in any space. Typically, these sessions last up to 90 minutes, with most wrapping up in about an hour. Let's have some fun and create lasting memories!


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Newborn sessions are offered in the Indianapolis and surrounding areas as well as the Cincinnatti and surrounding areas. These sessions take place within two weeks of delivery.

You can either do a single session, or you can purchase the popular Watch Baby Grow package. This year-long package is a significant savings when compared to booking three individual sessions throughout the year.

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Let's do it

stop saying you don't have time and worrying if your kids will act like civilized human beings.
open up to the idea that you have earned the right for some killer photos that make you so freaking proud that you've created these sweet monsters.

Ready to join the P+C squad?

Within two weeks of your session, I'll provide you with an online set of proofs. If you've paid only the session fee, I won't fully edit every single image. However, I will fully edit some photos so that you can see what they'll look like when completed. Rest assured that every photo you order will have the signature P+C editing that my clients love and rave about. They'll have crisp, bright, sharp and natural details. Learn more about pricing on the pricing page.

Once you view the proofs, you can then purchase whatever works with your budget and needs, you're not tied to anything. Most of my clients purchase the full set of digital files. Just promise me that if you purchase them, that you print them and fill albums or put them on your walls!!!


Prior to our session, we'll be in touch and nail down the shot location. On session day, I'll show up and work on getting your family comfortable. I usually start out shooting a bit randomly, just to get everyone comfy. We'll meander around your place or the spot we've chosen, looking for good light and color.


To reserve your spot, you'll need to pay for your session upfront. I don't advise you to go crazy browsing Pinterest for family photo ideas. You can browse my website and Instagram/Facebook instead and see if any location or clothing ensembles stand out to you, but don't stress about it too much. Some families dress up, and it looks fantastic, while others wear jeans and t-shirts and still look amazing. You do you!

First, fill out the contact form so that we can confirm our plans. Then we can choose a location, but I want to emphasize that location isn't the most critical factor here. Your kids' comfort is what matters most. This means scheduling at a time that suits your child, which may not be the best light of the day, but that's okay. While I can manipulate light at any time of day, I can't make a tired and cranky toddler suddenly full of life and happy! Although I have some tricks up my sleeve, I'm not magical.

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Especially if you have kids and/or a busy lifestyle, Gina photographs authentically and quickly. She can get the best photos in the littlest amount of time. She works quick magic!

- Megan bOWEN


Our middle child was so difficult to "corral" for decent photos and those sessions were stressful and mostly unfruitful. However, Gina let him be himself and we got the BEST photos that really showed all of our kids personalities so well. Not just stock posed photos that didn't work for an ornery 3-4 year old! We have never used another photographer since then. Fourteen years now Gina has photographed our family from newborn to now our oldest is 21 years old. So appreciative of all the wonderful moments in our family's growth that she captured so beautifully!


If you have children who don't enjoy getting their photos taken, try Gina. She will capture your child's personality and spirit in the most authentic way! Because she doesn't force anything and encourages everyone to just be who they are during the session, your time with her will feel more like a family outing than a professional photography session.

We love the photos .... she took our newborn photos and captured all the little details about a newborn that you might forget to capture yourself - the little dots across her nose, the wrinkly feet ... they are really wonderful.


Gina is truly remarkable. All the photos we have ever had her take have been so colorful and a wonderful reflection of our family. The clarity she captures is amazing.


Gina has done our family pictures for 16 years! We love her and her work is outstanding. She is wonderful with her camera and also has become our friend through the years - watching our children grow up! We highly recommend!

- Julie kUNKLE

Gina is our "go to" photographer. I have 25K photos in my library on my computer and I can honestly say that her photos are my faves out of the 25K. She has such a talent for capturing so many facial expressions on kids. She puts kids at ease and parents as well.


Gina has taken photos of my family for 15 years, and she always delivers fantastic shots (even when we aren't posing.) She brings my kids' personality through the photos, and is always calm and easy-going with the session. She also sends my photo link in a timely manner. The only problem is deciding which shots to buy, because they are all so good!


Amazing photos. She's so relexed and made us all comfortable. I've used her for family photos and loved the experience so much that I hired her to take family photos for all of my staff as a year-end bonus/gift. They said it was the best gift they've ever received and better than a gift card.


Gina is so low stress that I always walk away from a session thinking there is no way she got any good shots of our crazy kids and then the proofs come and she is like magic! We have worked with Gina for 16 years now and some of my most treasured possessions are our "Gina pictures."


We have been with Gina for 12 years. We have 4 kids and she has photographed them every year. Gina shoots our Christmas card every year and turns the shoot into a coffee table book. Gina traveled with us to Disney World and photographed our kids walking through the park. She is part of our family. Her photos capture life as we see it and how we don't see it. She is amazing.




My kids both enjoyed the process ... my son who hates pictures even said it was a good experience, and Paige was so happy with the pictures!


It's always exciting to see the proofs! Gina captures moments that most of us don't see.



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